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The Namano Difference

Value, in the jewelry business, is defined by unique characteristics.  A sense of fulfillment, any emotion that a piece of fine jewelry evokes, cannot only be measured in materials, hours, and discounts.  Quite simply, the value of a piece is closely tied to the feelings of the buyer.  Understanding the ultimate importance of honesty in a situation where emotion can cloud judgment, and maintaining steadfast, ethical pricing, is how Namano continues to rise above the rest.  

The Namano difference, truly fine jewelry at a fair and accurate price, is built in to every product you’ll find herein.



Namano Inc

Three generations of hard work and dedication helped build Namano Inc. into one of the nation’s premier providers of wholesale diamonds and diamond jewelry.  With a focus on designs that are stylish, yet timeless, Namano delivers modern jewelry to savvy, quality-conscious retailers.  Under intense scrutiny, our products embody a level of durability and style that fine jewelers, across the country, proudly endorse.  If you operate a business dealing with products displayed on this site, and you would like information regarding Namano’s merchandise, please call 1-800-282-8285, or email  If you do not own a retail jewelry establishment, please feel free to print, copy, or email our pictures.  Namano is well known in the industry and is glad to supply you with our merchandise with just a little help from your local jeweler.

Thanks for your interest in our site. As a jewelry manufacturer, having served the retail jewelry community, we are certain that the talent and care put in to every piece we finish, will exceed your expectations, and stand the test of time.  Our focus is, and will continue to be, particularly accommodating service, and distributing products of unparalleled quality.